President Speaks...

Dear Vibrant Members of JCI,

Change is the only constant and most of us look for avenues that empower us to make a lasting impact for a better tomorrow.

Junior Chamber International is a leadership and learning platform always creating opportunities for bringing in a positive change to the Society and no better example of the Jaycee movement than JCI Bangalore Garden City.  By providing a broad range of opportunities this organization enables us towards overall growth as a Human being.  JCI envisions to empower the youth through various initiatives on Individual Development, Economic Development, Community Development and Women Empowerment with the philosophy “Think Globally, Act Locally”

Through a worldwide Network of young Active Citizens JCI members are creating change with sustainable solutions at the Local Community Level.

JCI Bangalore Garden City started in the year 1990 with a very humble beginning is today at the Zenith to be the most premier LOM of JCI India among 1200+ communities.

We are among the most fortunate to be a part of this great organization which is a true proponent of positive change.



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