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My Dear Dynamic Jaycee,

It is a great honor for me to be holding the most prestigious post in Garden City and I whole heartedly thank each one of you for showing complete faith in me. As a President for me it is a dream come true.

Everyone wants to surpass the previous year, yet our aim this year would be to regulate and invoke the importance of being a JCI Bangalore Garden City member. A fantastic year we will have for sure, As we intend to maintain the numero uno status of JCI Bangalore Garden City. An organization which values it's members and their time, and in the same way an organization where members value this chapter and the time invested by others.

To make this year a truly dynamic and different one, we would require all your support and love. Your vision will be our mission. The team for this year is a fine mix of young and experienced which believes and aspires to be the Leading chapter of the world, if each one of us makes sure that we walk the talk.

As a member, you bring great value to the organization. You are full of fresh ideas and enthusiasm, vital in your ability to bring change. The time to take action is now. Your time as a JCI member will only be as valuable as your commitment and dedication to JCI mission and its values. The more you involve the more you shall evolve

As you begin this very exciting experience of Year 2018, I encourage you to take ownership of this organization, strive to make it better but more importantly reach out and give this unique opportunity to another young person to become a member of this wonderful organization.

The success of team dynamic will not depend on how many events we could do, but how many smiles we could generate, how many life’s we could touch, how many friends we would make & how many leaders we could create.

So let's work together towards a better and bigger JCI Bangalore garden city.

We would be glad to get your suggestions, feed backs and reviews and we promise to keep improving.

As a President I do not want to be just a PRESIDENT for you but also YOUR BEST BUDDY with whom you can also share a laugh.

Garden City has become like a family, and as an individual if you can make few people friends for life and if you can carry good memories for ever than no one can stop us from claiming this year as the BEST YEAR.

Your president is available only from MONDAY to SUNDAY and only with in 12:00 am to 23:59 pm on 9844310658 & @ jcmukeshbhandari@gmail.com

A beautiful relationship is a journey from ME to WE.

Lots of love,

JFP Mukesh Bhandari
President 2018
98443 10658
Let’s Fly Together :-)

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